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My fees are very decent and the return time for your translation project quick, all depending on the size of it.
Translation is the operation which consists in rendering a written source text into a different language. The Interpreter, on the other hand, translates spoken words verblly into a foreign language. In essence, translators do it in writing, interpreters verbally.
Please be aware that translating large amounts of English text on a website into German will increase the volume and length of the text. The German language has longer words, different sentencing, different expressions, etc. This can become a problem on a web page with limited space.
Translations should only be done by people who speak both languages on a native level. Your translated text will reflect on your business! Text can also not just be translated word for word into a foreign language, so beware of computer translations. Just read what a Skandinavian vacuum manufacturer had used as ad slogan in English: Our vacuums really suck! Well, it’s basically correct, but you see what I mean. :)