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Artistic Painter
Web designer
Administrator Web Designer English-German Translator Photographer Sound Editor Painting Artist Musician
English-German Translator
Wolfgang P. Oehry
Fort Myers, FL
Sound Editor
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WEB DESIGN (Advertising sites only, no commercial sites) Many years ago I learned some computer programming, but never really used it. This changed when Web Design came up in the 90’s. It allowed me to combine abstract and artistic skills. To my big surprise, I won the first AOL ‘Best Thanksgiving Website’ award. The Price? A smoked Turkey. It was delicious!
TRANSLATIONS (English-German) German is my native language. I also speak decent french. After moving to Florida’s 1987, I freelanced as an English-German translator. In 1994 I was hired by a leading publisher as Editor for the “Willkommen” magazin in German and English. I also made recordings in English and German for the famous “Coral Castle” in Homestead, south of Miami.
PHOTOGRAPHY (Photo Shoots, Editing & Enhancing) I am an award winning hobby photographer. For a while now, I have been providing Realtors and Brokers with property photos for the MLS, flyers, magazines and websites. If at all possiible, I can also edit and enhance excisting digital photos.
SOUND (Editing / Mixing & Mastering) Having had a long musical career and worked in many recording studios, including for EMI, I’ve learned how to work with recorded sound tracks and how to make them sound the best possible. I’ve done this for many years for my own music, but also for others, Amateurs and Pros.
ART (Oils, Pencil & Digital Art) I started drawing and painting as a young boy. My first grade teacher discovered that I was color blind, but that didn’t discourage me. However, after almost 100 of my oil paintings got destroid in 1983, I quit painting for the next 20 years, until in 2003 a friend convinced me to do a portrait of her 95 year old father. That’s when I started painting again.
MUSIC (Singer, Guitarist, Composer, Songwiter) My musical career started in 1970 and I have been a performing and recording artist ever since. The first years I played mostly in Night Clubs, but in 1981 I formed the guitar group “The four Windows” and we became quite famous in Europe. My composition “Lonely Seagull” became a hit in 82. For the past years I worked Musical Solo Entertainer, singing Oldies, Crooner & Country Hits. The Covid pandemic I ended my musical career in 2020 after 50 years of performing. I had a great ride!
BUSINESS I have been in banking, corporate & private administrations for many years in Switzerland and the US. I was the Administrator and Assistant to the System director of Pan Am in Miami. In 1994 I relocated to Naples, FL and was hired by a publisher as the Editor for their German- English magazine “Wilkommen”. A year later I became a licensed Realtor and pursuing a real state career until 2007. I’m retired, but I do sound editing, translations, photography & music.